The people of Mezzadro are all one with the land.
We divide the harvest with the proprietor of the estate, but cultivating is not an effort. When God is on our side, this fertile land produces its gifts, but only just enough for survival: bread, oil and wine.

An ancient bond with wine

From a rich land like that of the Frentane hills, where we cultivate our vineyards, the people of Mezzadro have always carved out the best that the land can offer. Centuries of knowledge of the land today still represents the foundations for modern vineyard cultivation in Abruzzo, where we have replaced ancient working tools with the most advanced, rigorous, selective technologies, attentive to the quality and expression of the vine variety. But that ancient bond with the land, the ability to live according to the rhythm of the seasons and to always stubbornly carve out the best they can offer is something that we wanted to preserve in the wines of Mezzadro, to offer it back to you in its true form.

With the land and hands

We in Abruzzo have a saying: you don’t invent wine, it is created by the land. And our land seems to have been created specifically for this purpose. To the east, in the distance, you can just see the brilliant sea. The mountaintops rise in the west. And our hills sit right in the center, always the land of vineyards. But wine is also the product of the hands, the ancient knowledge of those who have cultivated the vineyards for generations with their traditional wisdom combined with more modern technologies, without ever abandoning a love for the land that is born deep in their hearts.